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Learning, Planning & Focus

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I find Friday a good day to not try and squeeze too much in – to finish the week strong, review progress and direct my focus ahead. Ongoing learning has been a key component to having a business and life I love. I've had to learn well the key technical components to my profession but business and personal improvement is my passion!

Don't believe everything you read or hear and make sure you check it out for yourself before you take on those new “better, stronger, faster” ideas. Be sure to keep forging your own path and not just following the “gurus”. Be open to new ideas and coaching but trust yourself to know good advice from feel good (or feel bad!!) sales pitches.

Plan always! Review, adapt and adjust as you go but plan, plan, plan. Lastly focus! Life and business is full of distractions. Keep coming back to your true north.

A couple of great recent books – both by the same author Mike Michalowicz. Profit First and Pumpkin Plan.

Enjoy the weekend.