Why work with us?

  • We have a long term focus – we want you to accomplish what you want as quickly as possible but we believe the saying “good things take time”.
  • Your financial health and wealth is our priority.  Your success is how we measure ours.
  • We love what we do, if we do our job well it will make it easier for you to love what you do.

Property Investment is not all about the numbers – but we are!

We understand property investment and work with you to help you understand how the property cashflow works.  Taxation is often a key consideration but it needs to be considered in the context of your property investment goals, losses are beneficial for taxation but they are still losses.  Our job is to highlight the financial drivers of your property investments and to ask the right questions and help you stay focused on the actions that produce positive financial results for you.

Our Service Packages and Fees

Essential Care Numbers – from $1,200 ($100/month) plus GST
Let us take care of your required reporting and taxation requirements i.e. GST, Income Tax, PAYE etc.  We take care of this detail so you can focus on your business.  We perform an annual tax review and planning service to ensure tax efficiency as part of this package.

Extra Care Numbers – from $1,750 ($145/month) plus GST
This package includes our Essential Numbers plus our annual property review process.  The annual review process involves us reviewing your property investment objectives and considering whether these are being progressed, if not what can we do?  There are a number of options that we will walk you through and provide a report of our findings and suggested actions.

Virtual Care Numbers – from $3,000 ($208/month) plus GST
This is the concept of a virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  This package includes Extra Numbers plus us working with you to really understand your property investment and assist you in making sound financial decisions.  Included in this package are regular review meetings, and unlimited telephone and email access to our expertise.  We work together to create plans of how to progress your property investment.

New Care Numbers – from $600 ($50/month) plus GST (added to your choice of above)
A support service for people new to property investment who want some extra (as required) advice and support, it includes unlimited email and telephone support.

We can tailor our packages to suit your specific needs.

We make the numbers work for you