Would you like better control of your business finances?

Business training & accountancy firm specialising in improving your bottom line.

We Can Help You

  • Are you having cash flow problems or just think you should have more cash?
  • Are you looking for an accountant who can really help your business grow?
  • Do you want an accountant that is great value for the money you invest?
  • Are you just starting up or have you been in your business for a while?

Why Work With Us?

We really care about you and your business. We have a long term focus – we will help you to accomplish what you want as quickly as possible but we also believe in the saying “good things take time”. Your financial health and wealth is our priority. Your success is how we measure ours – and it’s great for our business too. We love what we do; if we do our job well it will make it easier for you to love what you do.

Essential Care Numbers

Let us take care of all your required reporting and taxation requirements. GST, Income Tax, PAYE etc. We take care of this detail so you can focus on your dreams.

Extra Care Numbers

Improve financial performance. Cash flow planning is really important. The cash flow is the heart and soul of a good business – we have a cash flow planning process that will really assist profitability and good decision making.

Virtual Care Numbers

This is the concept of a virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This service is us working with you to really understand the numbers and assist you in making excellent decisions. This would involve regular review meetings an analysis.

New Care Numbers

This is a support service for people new to business or property investment who want some extra support.

Our Focus & Service

Davidson Fraser is a boutique business advisory service firm specialising in providing excellent accountancy and business planning, support and advice. We believe the numbers tell a story – it’s our job to assist you in understanding this story so you can become the author not just the narrator. Cash flow, in particular, is key to this.


Business and investment is not all about the numbers – but we are..

The numbers and in particular the cashflow is the heart and soul of any business or property investment. We work with you to help you understand how they work and how your actions affect the financial outcomes. Our job is to ask the right questions and help you stay focused on the actions that produce great financial results.


We have customised some service packages to best serve you